Metal Roof Repair

Metal Roof RestorationFEATURES

  • Metal Roof Repair Vs. Replace
    Repair­ing the roof is typ­i­cally less expen­sive and less dis­rup­tive than replac­ing the roof.
  • Fully Restored
    A metal roof repair elim­i­nates roof leaks, treats and con­trols rust and improves the aes­thet­ics of the building.
  • Sus­tain­able
    The roof can be recoated in the future to fur­ther extend the life of the roof.


  1. The roof is thor­oughly cleaned.
  2. All fas­ten­ers are checked and replaced if nec­es­sary. Addi­tional screws are installed. Sealant is applied to any fas­ten­ers that are no longer watertight.
  3. Seams and flash­ing are treated with sealants, rein­force­ments and fabrics.
  4. If needed, a primer is applied to increase adhesion.
  5. The elas­tomeric basecoat is applied.
  6. The elas­tomeric top­coat is applied.


  • The elas­tomeric coat­ing has the abil­ity to stretch and move as the roof steel moves
  • Elim­i­nates leaks
  • Seals dete­ri­o­rated fasteners
  • Restores wind resistance
  • Seals seams and flashings
  • Improves build­ing aesthetics
  • Reduces metal roof movement
  • Lim­its tear-off and waste generation

Metal Roof Restoration