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Roof completed September 13, 2013

Roof com­pleted Sep­tem­ber 13, 2013



When local Waseca res­i­dents Perry and Renata Berg’s roof started to leak, they decided to take a green approach. They called their local con­trac­tor, Greener World Solu­tions for advice. As it turns out, the Berg’s roof was a per­fect can­di­date for a spray foam roof sys­tem, also called a “cool roof”.


A cool roof sys­tem offered the Bergs many advan­tages. First, it elim­i­nated all the joints and seams on their roof. Joints and seams are typ­i­cally the num­ber one

cause of roof leaks in tra­di­tional roof­ing  sys­tems. Sec­ondly, for the Berg’s, the cool roof elim­i­nated the need for roof rock. This greatly less­ened the roof load. Best of all, when com­par­ing a cool roof to a tra­di­tional roof­ing sys­tem with com­pa­ra­ble insu­la­tion, the cool roof was more cost effective.


The most impor­tant part of a roof­ing sys­tem is to keep water out. One of the great fea­tures of spray foam is that it can be sculpted to fit unique sit­u­a­tions. With the Berg’s new cool roof sys­tem, the edges of the roof were tapered upward to divert water toward the scup­per and into the gutters.


Many old roofs were not prop­erly insu­lated when they were first built. Spray foam insu­la­tion, the main com­po­nent of a cool roof, adds R-value. On the Bergs roof Greener World Solu­tions was able to add almost 11-R to their roof. This means the Bergs will burn less fuel to heat their home.

Another impor­tant com­po­nent of a cool roof sys­tem is the reflec­tive coat­ing. In the sum­mer, the reflec­tive coat­ing will keep the Berg’s roof 20˚F cooler than a tra­di­tional roof sys­tem. The Berg’s will use less elec­tric­ity to cool their home.


In years to come, the Bergs will have lit­tle roof main­te­nence. As the roof ages, it can be recoated to extend its life inde­fi­nately. This elim­i­nates the need for future tear-off waste and re-roof projects.


The edges of the Berg’s roof were tapered upward to divert water toward the gutters.

The Bergs old roof was leaking and the rock was adding and extreme amount of weight to the load the roof had to bear.

The Bergs old roof was leak­ing and the rock was adding and extreme amount of weight to the load the roof had to bear.

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