Spray Foam Insulation

SPRAY FOAM INSULATION FEATURESSpray foam insulation in a commerciall building

  •  Ther­mal Insu­la­tion
    R-value of 6.8 per one inch thick­ness, enabling it to pro­vide more ther­mal insu­la­tion with less mate­r­ial than any other type of insulation.
  • Air Infil­tra­tion Con­trol
    Pre­vents drafts by keep­ing uncon­di­tioned air from leak­ing in and keep­ing con­di­tioned air from leak­ing out.
  • Mois­ture Con­trol
    One inch of closed-cell spray foam cre­ates a bar­rier mois­ture can­not flow through.
  • Struc­tural Strength
    Increases the structure’s resis­tance to wind.


  •  Gives R-21 in 2x4 stud wall framing
  •  Insu­lates small voids and cracks in irreg­u­lar framing
  • Eas­ily insu­lates around unique build­ing features
  • Eas­ily insu­lates around doors and windows
  • Eas­ily insu­lates rim joists
  • Insu­lates around plumb­ing and elec­tri­cal outlets
  • Elim­i­nates the need for poly
  • Leaves studs ready for drywall


  • Energy sav­ings
  • Reduces air drafts for a more com­fort­able environment
  • Reduces ice dams
  • Reduces out­side noise
  • Reduces dust and pollen
  • Deters rodents and insects
  • Is per­ma­nent and does not sag, shrink or settle
  • UL Class 1 fire rating


spray foam temps

On a hot and sunny 96ºF day, 2 inches of spray foam kept our shop 76ºF