Condensation, Rust & Corrosion Control

Live­stock facil­i­ties are prone to con­den­sa­tion because of the num­ber of ani­mals they house. Proper insu­la­tion can pre­vent rust & cor­ro­sion; elim­i­nat­ing the need for exten­sive repairs.

Dairy, Beef, Poul­try & Hogs


Rust & Cor­ro­sion Con­trol
Methane and mois­ture from live­stock causes con­den­sa­tion on the inte­rior of the barn metal. An inch of spray foam insu­la­tion cre­ates an air and mois­ture bar­rier between the cor­ro­sive methane/condensation and the metal. If the metal is already cor­roded, elas­tomeric coat­ings are applied to the exte­rior of the metal to seal the holes.

Main­te­nance Benefits

  • Extends the life of the roof metal
  • Con­trol­ling rust and cor­ro­sion now pre­vents costly metal replace­ment repairs later

Instal­la­tion Process

  1. One inch of spray foam insu­la­tion is applied to the roof metal on the inte­rior of the barn.
  2. If the roof metal is already cor­roded, the roof on the out­side of the barn is thor­oughly cleaned.
  3. Miss­ing fas­ten­ers are replaced. Sealant is applied to any fas­ten­ers that are no longer watertight.
  4. Seams and flash­ing are treated with sealants, rein­force­ments and fabrics.
  5. If needed, a primer is applied to increase adhesion.
  6. The elas­tomeric basecoat is applied.
  7. The elas­tomeric top­coats are applied