Basement Waterproofing

Base­ment water­proof­ing is becom­ing com­mon prac­tice in new con­struc­tion homes. Dri­ven in part by code require­ments, the addi­tion helps reduce base­ment water issues.


  • Con­tent
    Water­proof coat­ing is sprayed over the foun­da­tion, then foam core is installed over the coat­ing with fas­ten­ers. UV Coat­ing is sprayed over any above grade foam core.
  • Non-breathable Coat­ing
    The exte­rior coat­ing is non-breathable and cre­ates a seam­less water and chem­i­cal barrier.
  • Easy sid­ing instal­la­tion
    The foam core con­tains sid­ing attach­ment strips so sid­ing can be eas­ily attached to above grade areas.

Con­struc­tion Benefits

  • Meets Min­nesota res­i­den­tial code require­ments for base­ment waterproofing
  • One con­trac­tor installs both base­ment water­proof­ing and insulation
  • Main­te­nance & Com­fort Benefits
  • Pro­tects base­ments from costly water and mois­ture damage
  • Helps pre­vent “base­ment smell”
  • Helps pre­vent mold and mildew